Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Introducing ...

I like to call my house the house of fairytale land … we do after all have three princesses who are always on a quest to find their prince charming, often times ready to band together as musketeers to fight off enemies, or journey in their best attire to attend the fanciest balls, and yet sometimes ready to randomly open up a pet shop that hold not only cats and dogs but also unicorns and butterflies. This is my life. My first princess I like to call The Boss. She is the oldest and as her title describes, she is the boss. She names the game, hands out the roles and directs the scenes. The Boss is lovely and bright … a leader at heart! My second princess is The Diva. The Diva doesn’t like the outdoors and can’t stand the thought of getting dirty. She is particular about her outfits and is crazy about shoes. The third little princess was easily named Little Miss Thing … need I say more? She believes the world revolves around her, and truly to avoid catastrophic tantrums we tend to do our fair share of tip toeing around her as to not disturb her mood. Her charm and personality offset her strong willed personality and make her a show we love to tune into. The King of fairytale land would like to be called Thor … thank goodness he is not the writer of this story! Instead, we will call him Airman to link him to his passion and work. The Queen, the mastermind of it all, is simply called Scarlett as will later be explained.

I’m not going to lie; things can get a little crazy here in fairytale land … My princesses do not always get along. If I got a dollar for every time that one of them tattled I would be living the dream in a real castle on the coast. As every fairytale does, our story has its ups and downs, sharp turns and surprises around corners. We live our life to the fullest, enjoy it as best as we can and hope that we are doing our best in the meantime. And, just so you know our story is not only centered around our princesses … As much as we adore our girls Airman and I like to relish in our own stories as well. You are, after all, a better parent when you take time out to tend to yourself and who you are at heart. We stay true to who we are, don’t pretend to be things we aren’t and aren’t afraid to do things our own way … that’s just how we roll.

So I hope that you enjoy the musings of our lives. Our story is sometimes redundant and predictable but never boring and always filled with twists and turns. That was sort of an ironic sentence, but how else can I describe it?! We live in a fairytale … things don’t always make sense!

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