Thursday, September 9, 2010

Darling Diva

The Diva, like I said, is very particular about everything ... her clothes, her hair, her shoes, her food, where she plays, etc.  For an entire nine month period she had to have "all my hair up and a clip."  Not one day could we vary the style.  Her hair had to completely up so that it didn't get in her face, but it still had to look "beautiful".  Finally we moved past that stage ... thank goodness ... I wanted to show off those pretty blond curls!

She then moved on to refusing to eat anything that is in any way sticky or that could make her feel dirty ... no syrup on her waffles, no ice cream, no jelly on her peanut butter sandwich, etc.  Seriously!  This is about the same time she started not wanting to play outside anymore either ... after all you can get very dirty outside.  Why play outside when you can play nicely on the rug inside with clean toys?!   

This is just a preview of The Diva.  Can you tell why I named her that?  The other day she came up to me very seriously and said, "Mommy I want to be a doctor ... " I was very pleased to hear her make this goal although my enthusiasm was quickly curbed when she proceeded to say, "I want to be a doctor but they always wear long sleeves [on their coats] and I only like short sleeves cuz they are prettier ... so I'm not going to be a doctor."  I just looked at her standing there in all seriousness with her big blue eyes.  Apparently long sleeves are not fashionable enough for this girl.  I just burst out laughing ... where does she get this?  Not from me!

So please don't fret ... The Diva will not be operating on you anytime in the distant future.  The gloves and lab coats aren't her forte.  I bet if she knew how messy it can be being a doctor (surgeries, broken bones, cuts and scrapes, constantly caring for sick people) she would just die.  I think something in the fashion world would suite her better.  :)

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