Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Grown Up Princess Party

Last weekend The Boss went to a sleepover at church with her missionettes group.  It was a princess tea-party theme.  We walked in to find gorgeous tables covered in pink table cloths, a tea party set up, beautifully displayed snacks, pretty flowers arrangements on each table, etc.  It was every little girls dream of being pampered like a princess.  The Boss and her two little friends that came with her were awe struck at the sight and very eager for me to leave so that they could start enjoying the party.  They would have the tea party, watch their favorite movies, play games, stay up late (almost until midnight, I was later informed), enjoy a fun breakfast together and more. 

I was so glad that my daughter could be a part of something so cool for that night.  How fun to get to get away from her family for a night and attend such elegance!  I started thinking ... why should only the kids get such fun outings?  My girlfriends and I never forget to plan a girls night every other month, but nothing so fancy ... What would an Adult Princess Party look like?  Hmmmm ... the wheels began spinning ...

If I threw a "princess" party for my friends it would meet every woman's mini dream getaway.  We would escape to a luxury location and take a weekend to get away from our jobs, carpools, cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework, responsibilities, etc.  The biggest worry we would have would be choosing what color to have our toe nails painted during our spa pedicures. 

We would be staying at a secluded location where we were unable to check email, phone messages, etc.  We would unreachable to the world around us.  Our husbands would just have to deal with whatever mayhem might be happening at home or with our children.  For one weekend, it would be not of concern to us. 

Since it would be a sleep over we would all share a room, but this wouldn't be just any room ... It would be a huge room that would hold eight king sized beds, each with beautiful canopy's, 1000 thread count cotton sheets,  and plush mattresses.  Although we would be sleeping in one giant room, we would each have our own bathroom. They would each have huge round jacuzzi bath tubs (always filled with warm water, luxury oils and salts and bubbles) and those nifty showers where the water sprays out from six different places so that you are totally immersed. 

Saturday morning we would start out with massages by our own personal masseuses, followed by mani's and pedi's, and then ending with stylists who would do our hair, makeup and dress us (in all new clothes of course).  We would then each be given $1000 to spend for the day however we saw fit.  Some of us would shop, some would go on adventures, some would just stay back and relax at our elegant pad.  We would end the day with a beautiful sit down, five course meal prepared by our chefs. 

One of the most important features that would make our weekend would be the food - the heavenly, tantalizing, mouth watering food.  We would have gourmet chefs who would cook all our meals and anything else that we desired at our request.  Drinks would be flowing as we would have our own bartender who would make speciality drinks especially to all of our different tastes - oh and don't forget the cabana boy who would bring the drinks to us.  And then ...

Oh my imagination could go on and on ... it would be perfect!  Pampered GROWN UP princesses.  Elegance at its best!  Only the best for my friends ... if only.  Since I doubt that three million is going to drop into my bank account today like I am hoping I guess we will just have to settle for a potluck appetizer girls night at my house.  Bring some wine ... we'll talk and share and maybe dream of a more luxurious time away ... at least we have each other.  What it comes down to whether you are 6, 16, 26, 36, 46 or 56 is having a group of fun girlfriends to hang out with and just be real with.  Luxury or not, the time is always blessed!

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