Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Music Of My Life

It is always a treat when I get to go run errands on my own without any kids in the car. I can turn the music up loud, listen to anything I want and really concentrate.  The other day was one of those special times when I was all alone, jamming to my music.  I was listening to Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz ft Ludacris ... All of a sudden I laughed and thought, "I totally want my Mom to hear this song!"  Now, if you know my Mom you would know that she would have absolutely no interest in hearing this song.  Why then would I want her to hear it? I realized it isn't exactly that I wanted her to hear the song but the message and how it crazily related to a certain part of my life. 

Thinking further, I began to realize what a huge impact different music and lyrics have had on my life.  Since I was a teen I have loved lyrics.  They were pinned up all over my bedroom wall as a teen.  Lyrics tell a story and there are so many stories to tell out there.  I have always loved connecting myself and people in my life to different songs.  I remember hearing certain songs as a teen and wishing on them, that the story of that song would come true for me as I grew up.  Celine Dion, Seal and yes, even a certain Cher song helped me through a broken heart.  Lifehouse was always good to listen to when I was in the pit of despair and wanted to dwell in it.  Dave Matthews could quickly put me in a great mood and yet I would settle for some great 60's music any day.

My best friend and I had what we called our "pump up songs" ... we would go out on the town, roll down the windows and blast those songs, singing on the top of our lungs.  We were young, having amazingly fun times and just being crazy teenage girls.  We LOVED Real McCoy Another Night remix, Heaven remixed by DJ Sammy, among others.  Today my pump up artists have changed to Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga and such.  Depending on the song and its appropriateness my daughters have learned to appreciate my pump up music too!

I have also given songs to my daughters, songs I heard that described my feelings for them (for the most part, obviously not every lyric in their songs rings true) .  My oldest was given the song, The Reason by Hoobastank and my youngest, Just Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble, which I blogged about.  Still haven't found that perfect one for my Diva

And then there are those great American classics that everyone loves and identifies with in their own way. American Pie, Piano Man, Walking In Memphis, Cats In the Cradle   … Classic … I love them!

I just can't help it, I hear a song and if I connect with it I automatically assign it to a part of my life.  I love music; the beat, the words, how it makes me feel, how it reconnects me with people, places and memories.  I love how it comforts, commiserates, inspires and empowers.  I love the stories and maybe that is one of the reasons I love to write … I just love me some good words!

What is your favorite song?  What music takes you back and sends chills up your spine?  What amazing memories do you have that are connected with certain songs? 

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